Podcast: A Conversation with HiveLive’s John Kembel

Social networking. It’s all the rave these days thanks to major players such as MySpace, Facebook and BeBo. Social networks have traditionally been associated with computer-savvy teens and young adults sharing photos with their friends, embedding music on their profiles and writing notes to their mini-blogs.

Now, companies are vying for more than just young, computer-savvy users: Business users are now in the cross-hairs of many social networks seeking to wring out new revenue potential, growth and services.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Boulder-based HiveLive has created a social platform specifically designed for business use. Previously covered here on separate occasions, this is our first podcast conversation with the company’s CEO, John Kembel.

In this podcast, Kembel covers a lot of ground including HiveLive’s most recent financing round ($5.6M), how the company was founded, its competitors and much more.

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