Listen to your gut

Today I read a couple of great posts on two common aspects of the entrepreneurial experience. One is about working with potential investors, and the other is about bringing in a partner. In both cases, the lesson was “listen to your gut feeling.”

It took me a month (sorry Scott, I’ve been busy) to get around to a post by Scott Converse called “How this founder found the right CEO.” This one pertains to trusting your gut when looking for a CEO or partner in your business.

The second was Ari Newman’s great post called “trusting your gut when fundraising.” Here, Ari recommends trusting your gut when dealing with potential investors.

I was actually involved in both of these cases and therefore know all the gory details. Both Ari and Scott always do a great job of regularly reflecting on their experiences, and these posts are great examples. I suspect that blogging about what they’ve learned helps them solidify their thinking and move on. And yes, I’m sure it’s cathartic.

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