Venture Capital in the Rockies kicks off

Venture Capital in the Rockies (VCIR) kicks off today with presentations from some interesting looking companies. I’m particularly excited to hear from Family Link, Filtrbox, Format Dynamics, HiveLive, SocialThing, Yieldex, and others. And, although it’s outside my area of interest, I’m excited to see Isonas here. I’m a customer at my office, and this is one well-implemented IP door security system (don’t try to hack it now).

I won’t quite be live-blogging it but I hope to put out 3 or 4 posts from here today. So far, the wifi at the new venue (Park Hyatt, Beaver Creek) is working well, unlike last year. So this should give me a chance to cover some of VCIR.

VCIR is a great annual event that draws venture capitalists from not just the Rocky Mountain Region, but from all over the country. It’s the largest and oldest capital conference in the Rocky Mountain region, and showcases the region¬ís most promising emerging growth companies for an audience of over 200 venture investors, CEOs, entrepreneurs and service professionals.

Brad Feld of Foundry Group kicked us off this morning. Appearing in his usual jeans-based attire, Brad welcomed everyone and led an interesting discussion with investors from outside the Rocky Mountain region. They talked at length about what sorts of opportunities they’re considering, how they look at and play in regional deals, and the sorts of initiatives and technologies that are emerging in our region and beyond.

Now on to the company presentations…

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