VCIR: SocialThing in the hizzle

socialthing-l.pngSocialthing is a Techstars company which has not launched publicly yet. The company plans to extend their current private beta to a wider audience next week at SXSW. They showed off their integrated lifestream which aggregates the social activity of all your friends into a single spot and also lets you push out content to those social sites. This plays in the same space as Plaxo Pulse and the recently launched FriendFeed service.

We’ll cover SocialThing in more detail once they launch. For now, you can read about them some elsewhere, like here and here.

Mercifully this wraps up my coverage of VCIR today – I may do a recap post soon. There are a couple of companies at the end that I didn’t get a chance to see (networking, you know how it is), but at least I’m not the only one who petered out. 😉

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