Newmerix, ProStor VCIR presentations

By popular request, I’ll try to cover the companies I see here at VCIR today. Note that this will be at most half of the companies who present here today.

newmerix.jpgSuperior based Newmerix has raised over $21M thus far for their automated lifecycle management solutions for Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft. Newmerix covers the complete lifecycle of change to these mission-critical applications, including planning, impact analysis, automated software quality, change release and management, workflow, versioning, and auditing. If a company has chosen a large-scale ERP app then they’ve likely invested millions in that solution. Newmerix offers Automate!Change™, Automate!Test™, and Automate!Control™ for each platform, which exist to make these platforms more manageable and effective overall.

prostorlogo.jpgBoulder-based ProStor Systems is a “tape replacement” removable storage provider which has raised over $20M to date. ProStor preserves the best characteristics of tape systems while adding the best characteristics of disk based systems. The company is able to offer large capacity removable media systems in an IT-friendly and familiar removable media model. The RDX technology which is the core of the ProStor IP is licensed to third party OEM customers (such as Dell) who build and market the devices. I don’t know crap about storage solutions, but in the low margin hardware business this certainly seems to be the sensible business model. Luckily, I was sitting next to storage veteran John Ives, who explained to me that the company seems to have made strong progress on their OEM relationships for RFX. Thanks John for making it clear that I have the tiniest of clue here.

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