BrainJam 08

Dave Taylor pinged me today to tell me about a fun event he’s organizing called BrainJam. Here’s the info he sent over:

Connect with the brightest folk in Colorado @ BrainJam!

Early in 2007 I hosted an event that we informally called BrainJam and was really delighted at how it worked out. We had about 30 people attend this informal “unconference” and while I admit that we kinda made it up as we went along, it worked out really well: everyone who attended got five minutes in front of the room.

Some people talked about their new startups or their idea for a cool startup, some people tried to hire developers or other people to staff up their companies, some just talked about relatively random stuff that was of interest to them and one or two talked about their skillset and asked to be hired.

Most importantly, it was egalitarian. Everyone got five minutes and everyone listened, so we all had a good time and there was a LOT of networking going on, especially over the pizza boxes.

Last year we had the event at Mobius (thanks Brad!) but this year we’ve booked a larger, more posh venue at Rally Software Development in Boulder. It’s going to be awesome!

But don’t sit here, quick Go to BrainJam and sign up!

Thanks for the info Dave.

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