Ronald Lewis joins Colorado Startups

I’m pleased to announce that Ronald Lewis will be joining Colorado Startups as a contributor of occasional audio and video segments. Here’s a bit about Ronald in his own words:


My name is Ronald Lewis. I am a new contributor here at Colorado Startups and believe it is a wonderful acknowledgment of my work as an imagineer and social media producer here in Denver. My passion is synonymous with ‘imagining, dreaming, creating and engaging,’ which allows me to embrace social media and technology to deliver knowledge, information, inspiration and solutions to individuals and organizations.

For the past two years, I’ve focused most of my time on having conversations with amazing people such as Dr. David Farber, Kem, Kevin Rose, Stephen Meer, David Friend and Alec Saunders. Recently, I even interviewed some guy named David Cohen.

I am thrilled about my new relationship with David and Colorado Startups. It’s the opportunity I’ve long sought here in Colorado, which will afford me unparalleled access to a vibrant community of people from which to draw knowledge, information and amazing conversations. This is undoubtedly the chance of a lifetime and a wonderful start to even greater things to come.

Keep an eye out for interesting podcast conversations, video tours and much more!

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