February 5 Boulder Open Coffee: New Startup Resources, Meetups


Solid turnout for this morning’s Boulder Open Coffee Club. Jennifer Ross and Patti Miller presented on behalf of Boulder Tech Bootstrap, a new resource for startups and entrepreneurs in the Boulder community. Looking for a place in the local tech startup/bootstrap community to share resources? This is it. Jason Mendelson pledged to put up law documents while emphatically adding that he is “not fucking responsible” for getting you out of trouble should you use one and run into a problem. We all look forward to seeing these documents.

Several new tech meetups were announced, including one for a new “green” tech meetup (slated for February 27, but subject to change), Podcamp Colorado (date not yet set) and Boulder Women Engaging Technology (check the calendar for details). If you have an event you’d like to see on the calendar, please get in touch.

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