Boulder Founders Matchmaking Meetup

Brian Tsuchiya just pinged me and told me about the new Boulder Founders Matchmaking Meetup. The specific purpose of this meetup is to bring together current and potential founders who are looking for co-founders.

I think this is a great idea and a much needed meetup, and I’m psyched Brian took the initiative to start it. I’m constantly being approached by people looking for like-minded individuals with either “the next great idea” or who want to jump into something that looks interesting. At this meetup, Brian says that he’ll keep it simple at first and folks will just be able to get up in front of the group and say what they’re looking for. I hope that this can be a catalyst for doing some matchmaking between idea people and/or founders-in-waiting who are looking to find partners to help get the ball rolling. I know I’ll be referring at least 5 people a month to this meetup. Great idea Brian.

Another great resource for this type of matchmaking is One of the Techstars companies (Intense Debate) met this way and it’s one of many success stories I’ve heard from that site, which is worldwide in scope. It always seems to have lots of listings in Colorado, like these.

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