Evangicamp: Spreading the Tech Gospel, One Soul at a Time

At the second Evangicamp last night in Me.dium’s offices, we took geek to the next level. Boulder is home to more Tech Evangelists than you can shake a stick at.

We have lots of names for what we do. Evangelism. Community Development. Community Outreach. Call it what you like. About once a quarter (the meeting time and place seems to be intentionally kept secret until about 24 hours before the event to ensure only the true evangelists get wind of it) we congregate together to talk shop about how to explain new technologies to lay people, how to convert bloggers into users of our widgets and products and how to be the best evangelists we can be. It’s fun. We drink beer and eat pizza.

Evangicamp is spearheaded in part by Lijit.com’s very own Tara Anderson (featured in this short, and yes, very loud, video). Other Boulder-based companies represented last night include Copy Diva, Crispin + Porter, Villij, Techstars, Fuser, Madkast and many more. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get an invite to the next event. If you’re looking for open invite events, you can find a whole lot of them on our calendar.

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