2007 in Review

OK so yes, I’m going to subject you to another 2007 review post. I know you’re sick of them by now, but it’s for posterity. So there.

Last year when I asked, you said to keep covering Colorado companies. I’ve done that and my companies index is now a pretty nice list of a bunch of the early stage activity in Colorado. However, I know there’s a bunch more stuff out there that I can’t get to on my own. That’s why I’ve decided to expand the network in 2008 adding new regular contributors who can cover even more companies and personalities in Colorado’s startup scene. Expect more company coverage in 2008 and the return of occasional multimedia posts and more in-depth interviews.

In any event, here are the most popular posts of 2007, according to Alex’s popularity plugin:

#1: Big or Bullshit: Widgets. This one turned into a pretty good sized meme.
#2: Claiming Photobucket. Gimme that startup back.
#3: “That’s not a business” – Duh. Sometimes you seem to like when I write while pissed off.
#4: Tip #2: Find and engage great mentors. Part of my top twelve startup tips from Techstars.
#5: Thoughts on the co-CEO. I caught a little flack on this one. As it should be.
#6: BlogWorld – Boulder goes south. Funny, this is mostly driven by permalink views surrounding the BlogWorld panel I was on that Arrington “no-showed” (aka didn’t agree to attend).
#7: Intense Debate – Exposing comment “dark matter” – Brad Feld defined the Dark Matter of the Blogosphere initially.
#8: Enthusiast Group enters deadpool reflectively. People seem to love these failure posts. I had one last year on my company that was a top 10 from last year. We’ll do more – I’m sure there are a few failures out there we can find, right?
#9: Top ten reasons to go to Startup Weekend. Startup Weekend is a phenomenon.
#10: Cliff Shaw on lessons learned and moving forward. Again, you love the candid failure posts. More, more, more!

Only one of these posts is “startup coverage” and the rest are interviews, commentary, etc. I’m not as baffled by this as I was last year. People don’t link much to these types of posts, nor do they comment as much on them. So they’re just not as high up in the “popularity” rankings that I use. They’re well read, but they don’t generate nearly a much engagement. Let me know what you think of the coverage of these startups.

Thanks for reading. Tell me what you want, and we’ll try to make it happen. The comments are open. Have a good year.

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