Expanding Colorado Startups

In the last year and a half, I’ve written about 150 local startups, and have done hundreds of other posts on random startup topics. I’ve done a few surveys, and generally people say “do more of both things.”

I hope that you’ve come to view Colorado Startups as a central source for following the web/software startup scene in Colorado. That’s what I wanted it to become, and I think it has. We’re up to about a thousand RSS subscribers now, and have well over 3,000 unique visitors each month.

It’s time to grow a little and try to do a bit more. I’m happy to announce that I’ve added two contributors to the blog who will be posting on a regular basis.

Tom Chikoore will be focused on interviews (watch for his first one here very soon) and will put more energy into the Denver-specific startup scene. Tom’s a strong writer and has some great insights that he’s covered on his personal blog in the past. He’s worked in large companies and in startups as a software architect and engineer, so he brings a broad set of experiences. Tom also has a passion for giving back to the community and is actively involved on several volunteer boards.

Gwen Bell will also become a regular contributor starting in January. Gwen recently wrote about her impending move back to Boulder. She’s a multi-talented entrepreneur with a great passion for travel that has taken her all over the world. Gwen will attempt to revive the multi-media side of the blog be doing some regular (and fun) video and audio features as well as contributing some bread-and-butter blog commentary on startups in the Boulder area.

Rest assured that I will personally continue to post the same type of content that you’ve been reading all along, as well as act as the main editor for the blog. To avoid any confusion, you’ll now notice that the author of each post is highlighted with a photo and byline.

Please help me welcome Gwen and Tom to the Colorado Startups blog. I think you’ll really enjoy hearing from them both a few times each month. I know they can both help make it an even better source of information on the vibrant startup scene here in Colorado.

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