MyDials cranks it up a notch

mydials.pngMyDials is SaaS that delivers real-time business dashboarding features.

Wayne Morris (previously, SVP Marketing at McData) is the CEO and Peter Long (formerly founded Australian-based OpX Solutions) is the founder and CTO. MyDials is based in Lafayette but also has eight employees in Queensland, Australia, and has recently closed a $1.1M round of funding from outside investors.

The company was started after the founders saw two specific problems in their past experiences. These were “consistent lack of easy and timely access to relevant metrics that would help better manage our business and improve operational performance, and a distinct separation of business information, such as financial or sales data, and real-time information from manufacturing, production and supply systems.

MyDials allows companies to blend data from a variety of back-end sources into highly customized dashboard views. The company has evolved with a relatively heavy professional services model, but is finding that more and more customers are providing the integrations in-house as the technology matures.


“…business performance is typically viewed from multiple silos and executives, managers and business professionals don¬ít have a timely, comprehensive, holistic view of the operational performance of the business. myDIALS was formed to correct these two needs. We help companies improve their operational performance by extracting metrics and calculating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all functional areas. Our solutions are tailored to individual companies, business roles and business processes or value streams. These KPIs are presented in an easy-to-use dashboard that allows intuitive analysis and sharing of information to aid in making decisions.” –

Business intelligence and digital dashboard systems are not new, but MyDials provides a clean and modern UI. It will be interesting to see how MyDials evolves its partnerships as more and more data is kept outside the corporate firewall.

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