Coffee or lunch?

Perhaps this will be the most bizarre post you have ever read on this blog. If so, you have not been a subscriber for long.

I love meeting people. Especially entrepreneurs, investors, or anyone with interests in common with me.

However, I would like to state three facts about myself for the record. The next time someone asks me to have lunch of coffee with them, I plan to use this link. Believe me, it will be soon.

The first fact is that I am an introvert. This will help my case as I give you the next two facts.

Fact #2: I don’t drink coffee. I gave up all caffeinated drinks about 15 years ago. I sleep really well now, thank you. There are lots of strangers in coffee shops. That appeals to lots of people, but not really to introverts. My favorite coffee shop is whichever one is closest to me. That’s because I wouldn’t be going to one, except that others like to go to them and I’m happy to be accommodating rather than make a big deal about having to get up and walk to one.

Finally, fact #3: I don’t like to eat meals alone with people that I don’t know, and so I never do. This too is because I am an introvert. As such, I imagine long periods of boredom and awkwardness during a proposed meal such as this. By meal, I mean lunch, breakfast, and yes, even dinner.

These are just simple facts about myself that I know. Now you know them too.

If you got this link in an email with a subject along the lines of “RE: Coffee or lunch?” then I apologize in advance for sounding like an ass. It’s really not my intention.

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