Kerpoof at TechCrunch 40 tomorrow

The TechCrunch 40 conference is underway and TechCrunch is liveblogging it.

I’ve been acting as an occasional advisor for Apictura for almost a year now, which makes the very fun site I was pumped a while back when Krista told me that Kerpoof was selected for the TechCrunch 20 conference (before it was renamed to the TechCrunch 40).

I had understood that I was not allowed to blog which Boulder company had made it in to the TechCrunch 40 until they presented. But since TechCrunch 40 has now made the list public, I decided I wouldn’t wait. Congrats to Krista and her team at for being in the TechCrunch Twenty, um, Forty. Good luck tomorrow – we’re cheering for you!

It looks like the new Kerpoof will be unveiled tomorrow morning during the presentation. They’ve come a long way since I first covered them here. I’ve seen the new stuff and I think you’ll be impressed. If you’re reading this on Monday the 17th, remember to check back on the new Kerpoof on the 18th or later. If you have kids from 7-12 years old, you’ll want to tip them off as well.

If anyone is on site at the conference, please comment on this post and let us know how she does on Tuesday morning. I’m expecting it to be great.

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