Inbox Zero is for me!

On Wednesday, I decided to get on top of my email once and for all. I’m using a system now known as Inbox Zero, which is one of dozens of interesting things I’ve discovered as a result of listening to the tweets of my friends.

I’m five days in now, and I can already feel the increased productivity in a major way. I was in inbox hell, hearing my name being called nightly by hundreds of emails just sitting there. What was I forgetting to do that was important among all that low priority stuff that was just sitting there?

Now I find myself processing my email two to three times per day, instead of reading it fifty times a day.

Now I find myself working my todo list instead of searching for tasks I’ve forgotten to do in my inbox.

And I’ve found it to be very easy once I committed fully to a simple system.

The mess is in order. I just feel better each night. Wouldn’t you love to go to bed each night knowing your inbox looks like this?


It’s much easier than I thought it would be to get there. It was about 2 hours work, including watching a one hour video about the process and one hour processing my backlog of emails for the last time.

The details/tools I’m using are here.

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