Is Startup Weekend the new BarCamp?

The first Startup Weekend here in Boulder (eventually) produced VoSnap. This weekend in Toronto, it looks like Startup Weekend will attempt to create something called “Lobby Them” according to Joe Scharf and various tweets. This appears to be some kind of community to support people who want to affect change, with over 100 people participating there. I’m anxiously watching to see how Startup Weekend in Toronto does things differently than what the original group did in Boulder.

With upcoming startup weekends in New York City, Germany, Houston, Indiana, Boston, DC, Atlanta, London, Ireland, Austin, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle, it certainly looks like this is going to have staying power.

Andrew Hyde, the creator of Startup Weekend, Joe Scharf, Erica O’Grady and many others made the trip to Toronto this weekend. I’m excited to see that Steve Poland (the idea guy behind Techquila Shots and a TechCrunch contributor) made the trip as well. The whole list of attendees is on the left sidebar of the Toronto blog.

So, is Startup Weekend the new BarCamp? I started comparing Startup Weekend to BarCamp a while ago. I think it’s too early to tell if Startup Weekend will catch fire in the same way as BarCamp, but it’s certainly off to a good start.

Good luck Toronto! Make us proud!

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