Getting into angel investing

In January, I went to a Kaufman Foundation event called the Power of Angel Investing. It was focused on state workers, but it was still fun and informative for me. I played the role of “coach” to the team acting as investors (poor saps).

Now the Kaufmann Foundation, CTEK and the Bard Center are hosting another event on September 12th aimed at prospective and current angel investors. Registration is just $250.00 – a good deal if you want to get deeper into angel investing. They’ll only take the first 25 people who register. This event is great education for those interested in angel investing, as well as a great way for current angel investors to learn more about it. Get all the details here.

CTEK Angels Live is another cool event to learn more about angel investing or about presenting to angel investors. This year it’s on September 25th. Here’s my coverage of the event last year. This one is a great bargain – CTEK is a non-profit and just asks for a minimum $10 donation.

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