Some great interviews

Here’s a great audio interview that W3W3 did with Brad Feld. He talks about his new office in Boulder, and all the activity here. He also talks about Techstars and some of the companies beginning to emerge from it such as J-Squared Media, Intense Debate, and MadKast. You can give Intense Debate a spin by commenting on this post. Brad also talks about some great exits happening lately here in Colorado and beyond and some broader venture capital trends and investment themes.

Meanwhile, over on a brand new and apparently anonymous blog called CocosDir, there is a great interview with David Duey. David and Heather are the couple from Florida that are moving to Boulder that I wrote about a few weeks ago. That same blog also has a nice interview with Andrew Hyde about Startup Weekend. I can only hope this new blogger keeps chugging. I enjoyed reading about both people.

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