Ok, ok, I got an iPhone already

I held out for a couple of weeks. I said “I’ll wait and get a second generation iPhone.” I was doing so well.

Then my Blackberry Pearl started sputtering out (email me if you want it cheap). It kept reporting that the SIM card was missing, and I had to reboot it three times a day. And it mysterious stopped syncing my calendar. This, coupled with not being the coolest kid on my block anymore, was all I needed. It put me over the edge.

I went to the Apple store at 8:45 one night, and there were 6 iPhones left. I set it up with my MacBook Pro and had no problems. The iPhone loved me. And I loved it. I stayed up playing until 3am that night.

I noted two big missing things right away that would affect me. There was no RSS reader and the Bluetooth implementation was pretty weak. The rumor is that they’ll be updating the Bluetooth implementation via firmware in the future. Let’s hope that’s true – I’d like to be able to see the contact record for whoever is calling me appear on my MacBook Pro. That’s a nice feature. It should also let me send text messages from my Mac via my phone. Other phones do it – seems like a big oversight for the iPhone.

RSS turned out to be no problem. I’m a huge Newsgator fan and love that my feeds are always sync’d no matter where I am. Once I saw their iPhone implementation I was blown away. It’s a sweet reader that fits right into the iPhone experience.

Maybe this Newsgator reader will even give Feld a reason to give the iBrick a second chance? 😉

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