Startup Weekend – I’m recovered

I’m looking back on Startup Weekend now with a clear head. It seems that I blogged about 100 posts in 54 hours this weekend, over on

vosnaplogo.pngOn Monday morning, when I wrote the explanation for why was not launched on time I was fighting through being very tired and very frustrated. But reading through it again today, it still captures what happened accurately. Really, the 40+ comments to that post tell the story – they’re worth a read. Many of the people involved commented, as did the people around the world who were following us on a live cam, via the blog, on TechCrunch, Facebook, and elsewhere. It’s amazing to see how these people agonized right along with us, and their big-hearted responses to my “brutal honesty” post.

Andrew Hyde did an amazing job with this. Interest is pouring in to both of us from all over the world – people want to do their own Startup Weekend. I think Startup Weekend could very easily become a phenomenon.

VoSnap will launch. Today I saw a new alpha version that was basically working, thanks to several on the dev team. People are still working on it today but obviously not in as focused of a manner. I’m still a shareholder in the company, like my 71 oh so awesome new friends. And I can’t wait – but I will.

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