Startup Weekend approaches

Next weekend is Andrew Hyde’s Startup Weekend in Boulder. About 50 people are registered so far including me, several of the Techstars gang, Alex King, Brad Feld, Danny Newman, Dennis Yu, Devin Reams, Kevin Cawley, Michael Sitarzewski, Seth Levine, Stan James, and a bunch of other amazing folks. You can see the list of attendees with blogs/web sites on the sidebar of

We’ll be getting together on Friday night July 6th, and basically going nonstop until we launch a product by 11:59pm on Sunday night. We won’t select the idea until Friday night and then we’ll crank all weekend towards a release. Everybody who participates fully will get an equal share of the founders stock in the company. Hopefully it will be interesting enough that somebody will want to keep running with it after the weekend.

Andrew is now looking for startup ideas that we can implement next weekend, and the discussion is going on here. Why not add that web site you’ve always wanted but will never build yourself?

We’ll be blogging like crazy next weekend as decisions are made. Be sure to subscribe to the feed if you won’t be there in person. We’ll also have some cool ways for you to interact from home that we’ll be announcing on the web site on Friday night.

Wish us luck. Or better yet, sign up and make your own luck.

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