June in Boulder

it’s been a fun June in Boulder. Not just with the first 30 days of Techstars, but in general. Last week I went to the Fuser open house (I hear there are still some closed beta invites available), but had something come up right before the Lijit open house, so I couldn’t make it over the celebrate their recent round of funding. However, I did send one of my spies who grabbed a few pictures for me.

Tom Higley (iggli.com), Stan James (Lijit.com), Alex King (Crowd Favorite), and a few Techstars get their game on at Lijit.

Then, last night I headed over the the Six88 Rooftop Finale. These guys have thrown some pretty fun parties on Pearl street in the last couple of years. Congrats to Six88 (first covered here) who due to continued success is moving to newer, much larger offices in Boulder. But sadly, not on Pearl, and without a rooftop.

Bill Flagg (RegOnline) and Jason Eckenroth (Six88) mug it up

Boulder is just a fun place for startup junkies. It looks like at least four of the eight out of state Techstars teams have already decided they’re not leaving, no matter what. Every day, I seem to be reading about another, another, then another move to Boulder by really interesting folks. The energy here just keeps growing.

On to July.

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