Fuser – a special sneak peek


Last night, I went to the Fuser open house in downtown Boulder. Fuser is the first product from Confluence Commons (founded by Jared Polis) which has been stealthily cranking for about a year now.

I’ve been using the product to “unify my email” since the first alpha about 4 months ago. Disclosure: I was on the technical advisory board at Fuser, but I am not an investor.

I can certainly see the use for it if you have a bunch of email and social messaging accounts in a bunch of places and would like one interface for everything.

The challenge, obviously, is that this unified interface has to be just as good or better than what you’re using today. That can be a pretty high bar.

But judge the progress for yourself. Colorado Startups readers have been invited by the company to participate in the closed beta version. You’ll need the registration code “costartups” to gain access during the sign up process. Sign up quickly, because they’ll only allow the first 100 users to gain access. All they ask in return is your feedback. Note: Mac users need to use Safari instead of Firefox, for now.

Fuser is a fun company and a great addition to the downtown Boulder startup scene. I’m anxious to see where this goes and how fast. Thanks Fuser! We had a great time playing Guitar Hero and trying to name the robot mascot.


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