It’s Me!

Me.dium (first covered last October) just announced a $15M Series B round this morning. I couldn’t have been more excited for Robert, Kimbal, David and the gang. Their progress lately has been fantastic, and they’ve gotten tons of buzz. This should just full the next generations of what Me.dium can become. Me.dium is already really cool, because it lets you see the activity going on behind your browser. You can interact with others as you surf together as well as discover interesting stuff going on on the web. It’s neat to see crowds rushing to a web site in much the same way as you see crowds around awesome street performers like the Zip Code man here on Pearl Street in Boulder.

Coincidentally, I’ve been selected as the “Me of the Week” on Me.dium. For some reason, those guys seem to think I might have some interesting stuff to talk about this week. Hopefully I’ll dig up some cool stuff to share about Techstars and more this week.

If you’re not already signed up for Me.dium, here’s my invite link which also automatically “friends” me with you if you use it. Then you can see everything I surf, which will just be immensely interesting, I’m sure! Check it out!

Disclosures: None, I am not an investor in Me.dium. I just think they’re bad-asses. You think I have that kind of money? 😉

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