Hopefully by now you’ve read Guy Kawasaki’s interesting post on how he spent $12,107.09 to launch Truemors.com.

Guy says: “In total, I spent $12,107.09 to launch Truemors. During the dotcom days, entrepreneurs had to raise $5 million to try stupid ideas. Now I’ve proven that you can do it for $12,107.09.”

I have this strange feeling that it can be done for even less. 😉

If you read the comments to this post, it’s simply fascinating. The reaction to a failed enterprise is often “of course, you idiot.” I’m sure Guy believed that this business was worth a shot. He spent his time on it, which I can assure you is his most precious resource. He spent very little money, and that’s just smart. He started, he tested the waters, and he’ll go from here.

I’m not saying Truemors is a failure or that it will be a failure (I don’t know, I’ve never spent any time thinking about it). But that’s beside the point.

Have an idea. Do something about it. Be thrifty. Put it out there. Fail forward fast. Learn. Repeat as necessary.

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