Ben’s My Startup Life

I just finished reading Ben Casnocha’s new book My Startup Life, and it was terrific. I had expected it to be great. But I got terrific.

This book combines general tips, thoughts, and hints for entrepreneurs with the story of Ben’s company that he founded at the age of 14, Comcate. Ben weaves this all together very nicely, with the same crisp, clean and intellectual style that I’ve come to enjoy on his blog.

I enjoyed the entire book, but I especially liked (and found myself re-reading) the segments on building your own personal brand, networking, and the special challenges of “work/life balance” through the lens of a high school sophomore.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Ben in the first three months of this year. Ben hung out in Colorado doing some work for the Mobius gang, and during that time Ben took an interest in Techstars. We bounced ideas off each other for getting the word out and he helped me a great deal in screening applications. We took turns beating each other up in ping-pong (hint: he’s good).

So Ben has become a friend and I hope that I can one day add some value for him in order to balance what I’ve already learned from him. I hope the fact that he’s a friend won’t make you think I’m biased when I tell you to get yourself a copy of My Startup Life. You’ll enjoy it. Hell, you’re still reading this blog, so this should be a no-brainer.

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