Ask the VC: A multi-sensory experience

Last week, I blogged about the Ask the VC event held by the Colorado MIT Club. I promised some audio and video and here it is courtesy of Brian at OnSight Media. You can either listen to the full audio, or watch the five video segments.

Audio only, full session (videos are below):

Video, in five segments you can watch here (or grab the downloadable ones at the bottom of the post if you prefer to watch offline):

Segment one is mostly introductions of the panelists, their funds, etc.

Segment two is my favorite. Jason and Chris (two VCs who recently moved from Silicon Valley) talk quite a bit about how Boulder and Denver are just awesome places to do a startup, even when compared to Silicon Valley, Boston, or elsewhere. They also point out that our biggest weakness in the area is a lack of strategic marketing expertise.

Segment 3 answers questions such as “what do VCs look for” and where the money that the local firms are raising is coming from.

Segement 4 – the VCs talk about how the deal enviornment “feels good” right now and what sorts of deals they’re seeing.

Segment 5 addresses some questions such as “what is early stage?” and what the VCs think is “hot” right now.

If you want to download these for offline viewing, all of these segments are here: 1, 2, 3, 4, and, of course 5.

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