About the Boulder Software Club

The Boulder Software Club is one of those groups that I’ve known is out there for some time, but just haven’t had a chance to become part of yet. The events look really interesting, and I keep telling myself to join and show up. This bubbled up for me recently, and I wrote Richard Bass (who runs the club) to get a few more details. I figured I’d share those with you here.

The Boulder Software Club has been around since 1998, and a Denver chapter was started in 2003. Richard told me the mission is “to provide business oriented educational programs and networking opportunities to software managers and qualified service providers such as law and accounting firms.” There are about 175 members of the two combined clubs (95 in Boulder and 80 in Denver), along with a great cast of helpful sponsors.

I asked Richard to explain how membership works and what the benefits are.

“For Software companies, Individual memberships cost $175 and Corporate memberships cost $295. Service Provider Membership (they also must qualify) costs vary widely depending on the number of employees. We also have VC and Non-Profit memberships for $200. Software and VC/Non-Profit memberships get you access to events for either club for one year. Annual Service Provider memberships only get you access to the club you join. Corporate members get logos and links on our Web site, individual members get text listings.” – Richard Bass

In addition, members get access to events (which often seem quite interesting), admission to members only roundtables twice a year, and a chance to talk about your company at one of the monthly meetings. Like many such organizations, the most important benefit is really the ability to regularly get together with like minded folks and talk shop.

Richard – I promise to make it out to one of the upcoming events in the next few months to check it out.

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