Denver’s “Hive” co-working facility set to open in April

Andrew Luter of BaseCamp Capital bounced the idea of the Hive off me about 4 or 5 months ago. It’s about providing an affordable space for young startups and entrepreneurs to office. I’m using a similar (although shorter term) model for Techstars because there’s a ton of value to be had by being physically around other people in the same boat as you. So when he pitched me on the idea – I immediately loved it, except I wanted to see him do this in Boulder also! Andrew says that’s part of the plan if things go well.

The Hive offers three plans, ranging in price from $129/month to $349/month.

Recently, the Hive and the concept of “co-working” has gotten a fair amount of buzz – not just here but as far away as Europe. Entrepreneurs seem to dig it. Now the Hive is set to open in Denver on April 15th. I’m anxious to find out who takes advantage of it. If you’re a one or two man show, this just might be your perfect setup.

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4 responses to “Denver’s “Hive” co-working facility set to open in April

  1. Great idea. So much to be gained by having like-minded and like-situationed fellow travelers in proximity. David, I know you’ve been talking about this for a long time. Glad to see it happening. Hope it does expand up to Boulder as well. I think it would be an instant success with a lot of “Meetup” synergy.


  2. From the “same tracks” department… I laughed right out loud after I saw the location. I needed something like this when I was bootstrapping MyTrafficNews. I looked at a bunch of spots, and that spot was awesome, in no small part because it was kitty-corner from My Brother’s Bar, which was on a first-name basis with MyTrafficNews.

    I said to the guy who showed us the space that he should do some kind of co-op/incubator/exec. office in that space, and he looked at me like I had three heads. I considered trying to do it myself, but was just a bit too busy at the time.

    Way to go, Andrew! Your idea is brilliant! Only a genius would think of something like that for that spot!!!

  3. David – Thanks for the mention. We have had over 50 people thus far say that they are interested. It is a very diverse group, and has the makings of a great collaborative. Should be a fun ride. As for Scott’s comment;

    “The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.” Bruce Feirstein

    We will see only in hindsight where we land 😉

  4. Agreed, something like this would be great in Boulder.

    While I have a very comfortable and functional home office, and try to be out seeing clients as much as possible, there are days where the boost of the “office” community would be welcome as I’m trying to grow the company.

    For less than $100 a week, it seems like a good investment.

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