BarCamp Boulder is March 30/31 (meeting space still needed)

Kevin Cawley sent me this note earlier today about BarCamp coming up next weekend. They’re looking for a host company for Saturday 3/31. Read below if you can help or want to attend BarCamp.

Bar Camp is Here and We Need a Space

It’s time for Bar Camp Boulder again – it’s coming Friday and Saturday 3/30 and 3/31! The last event in November was a raging success. The one before that in Denver was awesome too. Bar Camp is an ad hoc gathering of folks who want to share their knowledge and learn from others – you can think of it as an unstructured but very focused and intense day of learning and discovering. You can get more info on Bar Camp here or check out this or that video. At the last event in Boulder we had developers, designers, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, vloggers, kids, dogs, you name it. Well, no dogs, but we did have some really cute kiddos come by. We had great discussions, fantastic topics, and great presenters. We even played a cool game where you pick names out of a hat and create a business around those names, and of course we had lots of coffee.

This time around we need a space. Please help! Last time we used me.dium’s accessible conference room and that was fantastic but we were busting at the seams. Thanks again Kimbal, David, Robert, et al.

But we need a little more room this time – 50 folks hanging out all day in small space can get a little nasty. Ideally, the space would have fantastic Flatirons views, comfortable couches, foosball tables… but hey, at this point just a space large enough to hold 50 people or so will do. Ideally, we can partition off spaces for breakout groups. Oh, wireless is a big plus and a central downtown location would be great! We will need the space Friday evening and all day Saturday (3/30 and 3/31). Hey, it’s a great place to get some exposure for your business or just a nice way to give back to the community!

If you have any interest in helping us out please send me an email kevinc @ newsgator dot com and we can discuss.

Of you are interested in attending (or sponsoring), you can add your name to the list here.

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