• Looks like I’m the proud papa of a beautiful new baby meme on widget monetization. It’s my first, you know. Cigars! (Yeah, I know lots of people talked about this before we did Big or Bullshit on it, but nothing is really new these days now is it?)
  • Adam points out yet another #1 (well #1 in “next tier cities” anyway) ranking for our community – bio investment
  • What do angels want? Not much, just “an intelligent, no-holds-barred team working to build an exciting business that makes me smile because it benefits society or improves mankind or revolutionizes an industry, and it just happens to have the potential to throw off a disgusting amount of cash along the way.”
  • More big improvements out of Newsgator (ajax web reader, and Go for Java) as of late. Great stuff.
  • Happy to see OpenCoffee developing here. I’m in too, but I’m still not drinking that crap. OpenIzze?
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