The BizChicks

Earlier this semester, Frank Moyes invited me to speak to his CU business plan class students about Techstars. After that class, Ginnie Meyers came up to me and told me about BizChicks, which is a CU based organization “designed to promote the success of women in the business world and beyond”. She invited me to speak to the BizChicks group, which I did last night. The group has a nice list of women (including Lisa Rutherford of Vista Ventures and Sue Kunz of Solidware Technologies) who come in and speak to them, and interestingly I was told I was their first ever male speaker. BizChicks is also active in the community with food drives, homeless shelters, etc.

I dragged Jim Pollock with CTEK along with me, and together we spent an hour talking about the entrepreneurial scene in Boulder. There were about 15 BizChicks in attendance and they asked some pretty interesting questions.

If you’re a woman interested in business on the CU campus, check out the BizChicks. It seems like a good group.

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