Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado

The brand spanking new Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado was announced yesterday. This is a fantastic organization that allows entrepreneurs to set up their philanthropic programs for their companies while they are still in their formative stages. Young businesses can donate a stake in their success to the Foundation, and if they have a successful exit they can recommend which charities the money goes to. You can read all about it on Brad Feld’s blog.

I’ve already taken Brad up on his invitation to participate. We’ll be talking soon about how Techstars can donate a portion of its overall equity to the Foundation. This is neat because, in effect, it will create automatic initial participation by each of the Techstars portfolio companies each year. One of the big goals of Techstars is to feed our overall ecosystem of which the community itself is a huge part. I’d encourage you to get involved as well – just contact Brad.

Congratulations and thank you to Me.dium, Collective Intellect, Newsgator, Rally Software, Tendril, Mobius, Foundry Group, Cooley Godward Kronish, Hogan and Hartson, Boulder Ventures, Sequel Venture Partners, and everyone else involved in this effort.

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