Bachelor Gulch Ritz Carlton – WTF?

Venture Capital in the Rockies is going on at the Ritz Carlton at Bachelor Gulch. This hotel is as nice as it gets. This conference is as nice as it gets, and very well organized.

But you can’t get WIFI there to save your life. I see WIFI, but it doesn’t connect. Others had this problem too.

Attendees from last years conference complained the same problem existed last year. There are codes to enter, etc, but that assumes you can even get to some kind of landing page to key it in to.

I’m told it’s easier if you’re staying there and get access from your room (this is bullshit, of course).

It’s embarassing. The VC industry is hosting this conference and showing off all these high tech companies, but nobody from the press (or random bloggers like me) can get a connection. I had to go find a coffee shop.

I complained. Let’s see if it gets any better tomorrow. Maybe they can put in a real system next year. Hell, I’ll even pay the $30/day they’ll want to charge. 😉

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