Ask The VC

It’s old news by now, but just in case you’ve been sitting on an island in Belize for the last couple of weeks (like me), be sure to check out Ask The VC. Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson have started this fantastic Q&A style blog as yet another resource for entrepreneurs. I’m already enjoying the posts.

You may also notice that Brad Feld’s blog, AskTheVC, and Colorado Startups now all share similar visual styles. No, you’re not experiencing the proliferation of some cool new blog template. Brad and I have been working on several projects together lately (we’ll be announcing a big one next week), so we’ve purposely given these blogs a similar feel since they’re all covering the Colorado entrepreneurial ecosystem from different angles.

Thanks to Kevin Menzie and Slice of Lime for the design work, which I somehow managed to port to WordPress for Hopefully you won’t blame Slice of Lime for any errors that I made in porting the look.

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