I gotta ask…

I’m curious what people think. My wordpress popularity plug-in (thanks Alex!) tells me that these were my most popular posts in 2006. It figures this out by links, comments, trackbacks, pings, etc.

  1. Life in the deadpool
  2. Me.dium – Social discovery in real time
  3. Six things I learned at BarCamp today
  4. Do you believe in angel investing?
  5. CTEK Angels Live
  6. Ask the Virtual Board of Directors
  7. A great question with some surprising answers (how angel investors evaluate a deal)
  8. The TechCrunch Effect
  9. The build to suit ten step
  10. Feed Tribes – The cool new way to pay

80% of my top ten posts were based on my experiences, observations, and advice. 20% were coverage of new Colorado startups. Clearly this tells me that I should keep writing the first type of post. The real question is: How valuable are the posts about new Colorado companies to you? Please comment on this so I have a better feel.

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