If it’s not Christmas yet, mom thinks you’re a workaholic too

I am sitting here, snowed in, catching up on some interesting blogs I’ve recently come across, praying that I don’t get tagged with this silly 5 things game that’s going around (hint, hint).

My mother, who is visiting from Florida, just called me a “workaholic”. I said “Mom, I’m watching a football game.” (The Packers are up 3-0, and who cares.) But I guess she figures if I’m my laptop is open then I’m working. How quaint.

So I figured I’d ask. If you’re reading this post before Christmas day (or your equivalent big holiday), do you consider yourself a workaholic?

Mom, I’m not a workaholic. I’m just reading.

Ok, so I’m checking my email and working on a web site while I’m reading. Big deal mom.

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