Newsgator Go!

I started using Newsgator’s Go on my blackberry about a week ago. They’ve had a Windows mobile version for a while, but the Java-based product is still in beta. I use NetNewsWire to manage my RSS feeds, and I’ve always loved the fact that it sync’s to the web-based version so I can easily keep up with RSS from anywhere without worrying about what I’ve read and what I haven’t. Now that I can use Go on my Blackberry and only see the articles that I haven’t read elsewhere, I’m a happy camper. This is so much nicer than the non-integrated mobile reader I was using because I never see an article I’ve already read anymore.

I hope this thing goes final soon so I can happily pay for it, just like I promised I would.

To Kevin, Greg, and the Newsgator gang: Fantastic job and thank you.

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