A few good podcasts (or bedcasts as I like to call them)

Some mornings, you just don’t feel like getting out of bed. The BlackBerry is showing no meetings until late morning. It feels good there in bed. It looks cold outside.

Since suddenly I’m no longer 25, sleeping til 10 is harder to do than it used to be. Today was one of those days. I flipped on my TV and fired up the Tivo podcatcher (why the hell does Tivo call it a “PodCaster”?) and checked out a few podcasts. Here are some really good ones that were done recently that I thought you might enjoy.

Larry Nelson at W3W3 did a great podcast with CTEK’s Gary Held, Nicle Glaros, and Christina James. It contains some fantastic tips on how to pitch to angel investors. W3W3 and CTEK are great resources for Colorado – you should check them both out if you’re not aware of them.

Larry also talked with Chris Wand of Mobius Venture Capital about the challenges of later stage startups as they move past the “founders/heroes” stage. There are some great insights here for those of you who may be moving your companies out of the pure startup phase and into the sales oriented growth stage.

Finally, and this has nothing to do with Colorado specifically, I thought that the Venture Voice podcast with Kiva.org’s President Premal Shah was outstanding. I think I’ll set up a small micro-loan portfolio to see how it goes.

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