Ask the Virtual Board of Directors

Attention startup entrepreneurs! I’ve put together a new podcast series for Colorado Startups called “Ask the Virtual Board of Directors.”

The “board” consists of me (David Cohen), Brad Feld, and Niel Robertson, plus we’ll also always have one guest board member for each podcast. These guys all sit on boards of various successful companies, and their insight into your issues can really help you.

Here’s how it works. I’ve set up a special phone number. Just call it, and ask your question or define your problem. On the podcast, the Virtual Board of Directors will address your question and give examples of similar situations, anecdotes, and other insight. Here’s the phone number:

(720) 274-0945

The first podcast in the series will be in mid January.

I’ll leave comments open on this post, but please don’t ask your questions in a comment. We need you to call the phone number so we can integrate your question into the podcast.

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