Bootstrappers unite!

My recent post and podcast on angel investing stirred up quite a few comments and emails. While most were supportive of the information presented about angel investing, there was a group of people who were essentially asking for equal coverage of innovative bootstrapping against-all-odds daredevils here in Colorado. I have covered several companies like this lately, including Room 214, Happy Hour Boulder, and Thoos. But I realized that they’re probably right – I tend to cover angel/venture funded companies mostly, because that’s what I’m in contact with the most.

In the podcast mentioned above, Brad Feld pointed out that he invested $10 in his first company, and I was pissed that he beat me, since I invested $50 in mine. Both companies bootstrapped their way to success and had substantial value events.

So, please comment on this post and tell me about a bootstrapped technology company here in Colorado that has taken no outside investment of any kind and has become a $20M+ company. I know they’re out there, and I want to write about them too.

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