TechCrunch does Boulder

Neat. TechCrunch has covered two technologies out of Boulder in the last few days. The blog with 127,000 geeky readers (including me) first featured on Friday, and then covered earFeeder (a project of mine) on Monday. Yes, there is some cool stuff going on here in Boulder too – thanks for noticing.

Looks like the TechCrunchers are glad to see ProtectMyPhotos getting the attention it deserves. 4.6 million photos were uploaded in the 5 days since the post. What, no extra love for earFeeder? 😉

I’ve gotten lots of requests to give a firsthand report about 53,651 and the effect on earFeeder. I can tell you, it’s LARGE. I’ll assemble the data and put a post up after the dust settles a bit. Right now, I’m just trying to stay in the various earFeeder conversations going on out there in the blogosphere.

Rock on Boulder….

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