Growing up is now about 7 months old, and has a few hundred regular readers. I started the blog back in March out of a passion for both Colorado and early stage technology startups. So far I’ve written my thoughts about 30 Colorado-based startups, and have done several podcasts.

Last night, I gave the site a facelift. I want to thank Kevin Menzie at Slice of Lime for the design and Brad Feld for the impetus. You may notice ColoradoStartups now looks a bit like Feld Thoughts. I’ll write more on this coincidence soon.

I’d love your feedback on the new look, but even more importantly I’m going to ask you to get involved.

Many of you hear about interesting new technology startups in Colorado all the time. I want to cover them and get them some exposure, connections, and contacts – all things that have tremendous value to early stage companies. Please tell them about the blog, and ask them to contact me. Better yet, contact me yourself. Go ahead, add me to your address book now.

Please also send me your thoughts about what you’d most like to see covered. Want more podcasts? Want more advice? Let me know what’s helping the most and what bores you.

Thanks for your continued interest.

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