Podcast Episode #4 reposted (Collective Intellect)

After my recent switch to Mac, I edited episode #4 of podcast with Collective Intellect using GarageBand. Previously, I had been using Audacity on my PC. The difference was that GarageBand output a MPEG-4 file instead of a simple MP3. After posting it on ClickCaster, I discovered that it wouldn’t necessarily be distributed in the same way. People may have had to come and click on a video start button on the ClickCaster site unless their podcatcher handled that file type automatically. Catchers like iTunes worked just fine, handling it on the fly.

I first noticed this because the podcatcher on my Tivo didn’t show this latest episode at all. So, I have reposted Episode #4 as a straight MP3 here. Many of you who subscribe to the podcast may have already received and/or listened to this episode; sorry about the duplicate if this is the case. You can listen with the ClickCaster player below as well.

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