ClickCaster update

News of ClickCaster‘s completed Series A funding round is spreading. Mashable has this coverage today, and Fund-o-rama chimed in as well.

I got an update from Scott Converse, ClickCaster’s CEO this morning. Scott told me that his investors are “an outstanding group of local Colorado based investors including Brad Feld of Mobius VC who will also be Chairman of the board, Niel Robertson, Serial Entrepreneur and founder/CTO of NewMerix and east and west coast investors such as Jerry Colonna, one of the founders of Flatiron Partners we well as several prominent angel investors out of Silicon Valley. ClickCaster will use the proceeds of this investment round to upgrade it’s datacenter architecture and equipment as well as expand it’s engineering and business development staff to take advantage of it’s leading position as the premier private label podcasting platform available today.”

In the spirit of full disclosure, I invested in ClickCaster as a part of this round. I invested because I believe in Scott and loved his energy from the first time I met him. Also, I think that his team has put together some impressive technology rather quickly. I also like that ClickCaster is the first to explore the viability of several new revenue models for podcasting. Smart guys, new media, and a business plan other than “eyeballs galore.” What more could an investor ask for? 😉

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