Podcast Episode #4: Interview with Collective Intellect

snipshot_1keajqoo1t.jpgEarlier today I interviewed Tim Wolters, Don Springer and Darren Kelly of Collective Intellect. Collective Intellect is located in Boulder and provides solutions to enable companies to monitor new media sources effectively. These sources include blogs, discussion boards, social networking sites, etc.

Take a close look at that photo. They call this the “Startup Wars” and told me that the Yoda art is courtesy of Brad Feld of Mobius. “Do or do not… there is no try.

In the podcast, Tim, Don, and Darren discuss the company, the products and their business. They also provide fund raising tips (the company raised 2.6M) as well as some insight into what it’s like to do a startup in Boulder.

In the podcast, I promised to point you at Tim’s blog and Darren’s blog. Just follow the links on their names above. Those blogs contain some gems for entrepreneurs as well and further insight into Collective Intellect.

If you have a half an hour to listen to the interview, I think you’ll find it worthwhile. You can also subscribe to all the episodes.

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