CU MBA orientation – Class of ’08

Paul Jerde invited me out to CU yesterday to hang out with their first year MBA students who were going through orientation. I was there to talk about some of the entrepreneurial activity that is happening in and around Boulder. Jim Pollock from CTEK and Eric Gricus from the Boulder Innovation Center were also there for the same purpose.

I was invited after I had a discussion with Paul about how students are just not aware of the entrepreneurial support that is available to them around Boulder. Paul told me that when his students finally find out what a great place for startups Boulder is that they react by telling him “they just had no idea.” The students are simply amazed that there is so much startup activity and funding going on our community.

I had several animated chats with the incoming students on various topics. I look forward to seeing the CU MBA class of ’08 involved with some of the startups I am profiling here on the blog.

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