Solidware’s Sue Kunz discusses software quality in SD Times

Sue Kunz, founder of Boulder’s Solidware Technologies (previously covered here) wrote an interesting article called Forget Time-to-Market: It’s all About Time to Money that appeared today in SD Times.

In the article Sue talks about how “time to market” (TTM) is not a reasonable measure for software projects and the fact that “time to money” (TT$) might just be a metric that provides much more incentive to the developers working on a project.

I remember when I first met Sue in March and she shared with me various mind-boggling statistics about the ever-growing cost of software defects, especially as compared with defect rates in other industries. In this article Sue puts it as bluntly as ever, pointing out that there is now data indicating that “half of every dollar spent on software goes down the tubes as cost-of-defects.”


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