Like PhotoBucket needs more people flocking to it…

Flock + Photobucket

Denver-based PhotoBucket (previously covered here and here) is now offering a browser that makes it super easy to integrate photos more closely into your browsing experience. The browser is actually Flock, which is based on Firefox (lots of coverage on TechCrunch). You can view your photos in what’s called a “PhotoStream” at the top of the browser – sites like PhotoBucket and Flickr are supported. Images can easily be copied into the PhotoStream and then dragged and dropped into regular forms.

I just got around to trying it out. Flock also includes a pretty nifty photo-aware blogging tool (which I am using to write this post). It lets me easily drag and drop a photo from my PhotoBucket account into this post. You can see the result below. It’s much easier than the multi-step process that I was using before for things like this.

If you have a PhotoBucket account, I’d recommend that you head over to PhotoBucket and grab Flock. If you work with photos alot, it’s handy.

Blogged with Flock

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